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Our Vision

Developing Leaders Through Education

Our Mission

Empowering students, teachers, and stakeholders to grow, lead, collaborate, and advocate for industrial and technological education and workforce initiatives.


The values MITES members hold includes those listed below:

  • Increasing knowledge of education, life and career skills, current and future industry opportunities, and best practices

  • Supporting the current and future teaching workforce through networking and professional development opportunities

  • Supporting the diversity and flexibility of various program types around the state Increasing positive connections and collaboration opportunities within related industries

  • Support all students, whether on career or college preparation paths

  • Promote positive change and growth among all students, teachers, the MITES organization, the education field, and related businesses and industries

  • Increase the inclusiveness of members across both the education and industry fields and disciplines

  • Consistently supply the industries with a prepared workforce

  • Collaborate with the state department of education and legislature to provide meaningful experiences for students, support for teachers, and quality workforce preparation and development

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