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Support MITES

There are multiple ways to support MITES. One is through our Endowment Fund:

The MITES Endowment Fund was created by action taken at the Annual meeting during the 1999 Convention the under the guidance of George Henck (President 1976) whose idea was to develop a self-sustaining fund to support the MITES organization through philanthropic endeavors.  A leadership committee of Executive Board members was created and charged with oversight and fund development.  The membership of the committee may change but always includes the current Secretary and Treasurer of the MITES.  Only the interest from investments is allowed to be spent and we have transferred interest money to the general fund 10 times over the years.

Most of our donations come during convention registration and will be reported at next year’s Annual Meeting.   Just a reminder that small contributions add up over time and we have several donors who annually contribute $5 – $35 or more per year and because of that are approaching the next level of sponsorship. 

Recognition/Donation levels are as follows. 

  • Benefactor:  $1000

  • Hall of Fame:  $500

  • MITES Pride:  $250

  • Contributing Member:  $100

To contribute, download, complete and send in this form with your donation.

Friends of MITES Donations

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