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MITES Leadership

The leadership of MITES is formed with the following:

MITES Officers

MITES Executive Board

The Executive Board of MITES guides the organization. This board is made up of the Officers and the following positions.

  • Past President: Adam Carr

  • RAO Chairperson: Marvin Gage

  • Convention Chairperson: Adam Carr

  • Commercial Exhibitors Manager: Rob Lindsay

  • Rules Chairperson: Kevin Bidwell

  • Journal Editor: Rick Silet

  • Membership Chairperson: Kim Schadd

  • Technical Officers: David Weeks & Josh Bridges

MITES Board of Directors

The MITES Board of Directors is made up of the Officers, Executive Board and the following positions.

  • Parliamentarian:

  • Advertising Manager:

  • Committee Chairpersons:

    • Auditing​

    • Auto Competition

    • Constitutional Revisions:

    • CAD Live Competitions: Josh Bridges

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