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Live Project Registration

To register students for live competitions, register at the link below and once completed, pay for the registrations using the store items below. 

Live, In Person Competitions

MITES is pleased to offer Live, In-Person Competitions for students in a number of areas including: 

  • CAD (Mechanical and Architectural)

  • Construction

  • Welding

  • Project Presentation

Check below for information on dates and times. To register, add your registrations below to your cart and checkout. 

Live Comps.PNG
The store items below are only necessary if you do not pay from the cart after the initial registration above. 

Live Welding Competition

Students will be given a safety test and a written test on information related to the area of welding they are competing in.  Students will also be given blueprints/material and provided with a welding booth/machine to build their welding project.  They will have a specific time to complete their project.  All projects will be graded on their level of completeness/accuracy in relation to the provided print.  All ties will be broken by the time it took to complete the project.

  • Schools will be permitted to have 1 student in each category per teacher-SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, OAW and OVERALL.

  • Each student must bring their own safety equipment and tools (PPE- welding hood, jacket, gloves, work boots, pliers, chipping hammer, square, tape measure, etc.)

  • Each student will be provided a Blueprint and all materials/consumables needed to complete the required project.

  • All Categories will be separated by the standard MITES process of A (vocational/multi hour students, B (juniors/Seniors), C (Freshman/Sophomores), D (6-8).

  • Students do not need to compete at regionals.  All will qualify to the state finals competition.

  • Places will be determined by the most correct complete weld submissions and all tie breakers will be decided by time it took to make and submit project.

  • Students will be asked to take a Written test to show knowledge in Safety and in the welding area they are competing

Live Welding Competition Registration Forms

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