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MITES Professional Development Conference Sessions 2024

Updated: May 1

Thursday May 9, 2023

1:00 - 2:00pm

Topic: Tormach CNC Basics

Domenic Giunta

Room: Tormach Comercial Exhibit Booth

  • Come learn a little bit about CNC machining!  Tormach is a great high quality and inexpensive CNC machine that is very user friendly so introducing it to your students is easy weather your doing intuitive/conversational programing or offline programing

Topic: Retirement 

Presenter: Aliceson Milanowski 

Room: Beverly Room

  • Back by popular demand, this session will cover all things retirement.  Regardless if you are a few months away or just starting your teaching career please join in for a full understanding of 

2:00 - 3:00pm

Topic: Northern Michigan Welding Educators

Presenters: Jim Swenson

Room: Dale Room

  • The NMWE is a fantastic teachers organization that does a ton to promote welding education across all of Michigan.  They will talk about all the great things that NMWE can offer to you and your students.

Topic: Wood Turner

Presenter: Steve Promo

Room: Beverly Room

  • Learn all about the wonderful world of turning from a world renowned turning expert!

3:00 - 4:00pm

Topic: Teaching Woodshop Safety

Adam Carr

Room: Dale Room

  • This is an opportunity to get some insight into techniques used to teach safety to a wide range of students


Presenter: Cobot Robotic Welder

Room: Beverly Room

  • Learn all about the the newer technology cobot robotic welder and how you can use it to better educate your students about welding and robotic welding

Friday May 10, 2023

9:00 - 10:00am

Topic: Sam Beauford Woodworking Institute

Zack Fealk

Room: Beverly Room

  • Zack is from Detroit, Michigan and graduated from MSU with a BS in Natural Resource Management. He is also a graduate of the Wood Design: Furniture Making college program at the SBWI. Outside of the woodshop, he facilitates historic home remodels in the city of Detroit. Zack is dedicated to learning other woodworking disciplines, including traditional timber framing, chairmaking, and advanced joinery skills. Zack’s goal is to push himself through design and building techniques that will allow him to prosper as a maker. Woodworking is a constant learning process, and he is eager to be a lifelong student. He is currently the Lead Instructor for the Wood Design: Furniture Making college program and teaches several continuous education courses at the SBWI.


Presenter Jim Langley & David Weeks

Room: Dale Room

  • Come learn all about what MITES CTSO has to offer to fulfill your CTSO needs and Leadership needs defined by OCTE

10:00 - 11:00pm

Topic: Passes Edge 

Dave Barcolz

Room: Dale Room

  • PASSES Safety Training prides itself on never being boring. The job-safety awareness training can be delivered live in the classroom and auditorium or completed remotely in 90 minutes, not 10 hours. It is certified for most CTE classifications and comes with a certificate of completion for student portfolios. What separates PASSES training is that it is fun and holds the attention of students. It contains PPE demonstrations, injury photos, materials audited by MIOSHA and experiments, including a liquid nitrogen demonstration and simulated dust explosion. In its 26th year, PASSES presents in technical centers and high schools across Michigan from Iron Mountain and Traverse City to Monroe.

Topic: Drafting Educators Meeting at MITES

Mike Johnson

Room: Beverly Room

  • CTE is on the rise and the push to retain and encourage new educators into Career and Technical Education is happening.  Let us meet and make sure we have a voice in State communication in our professional field of Drafting and Design.

  • This meeting is a call to bring all drafting instructors together and give us a platform to begin recreating our Design Educators Association.  Nearly all other CTE programs have a membership or group that they communicate with over the course of the school year to support and encourage each other in continuing to prepare students in the state for a professional career.  So should we.  This is open to both Mechanical Drafting and  Architectural Drafting.

  • We can start with those who are available at the MITES State Competition, and work to grow from there.  We can discuss the future of our programs, the State requirements that OCTE is working to establish for us.  The topics of discussion can be the format of this organization, collaboration, yearly meetings, AI integration, and so much more.  Please take some time and meet and help us stay strong in Michigan's Design for Education.

11:00 - 12:00pm

Topic:Teaching Woodshop safety

Presenter:  Adam Carr

Room: Beverly room

  • This is an opportunity to get some insight into techniques used to teach safety to a wide range of students

Topic:  Tormach Navigating CNC in the Classroom

Domenic Giunta

Room: Tormach Comercial booth

  • Learn how to safely and effectively introduce your students to the wonderful world of CNC machining. 

12:00 - 1:00pm

Lunch and time to visit vendors

1:00 - 2:00pm

AI in the classroom

Presenter: Dave Weeks

Room: Dale Room

In this session we will briefly go over what AI technologies currently exist for the classroom. We will look at how educators can utilize AI to help get their jobs done easier and to build content for their classes. We will dive into some of the ways that AI can also be used in the shop portion of our classes to help students check and complete project tasks.

Topic: Boat Building School

Presenter Great Lakes Boat Building School

Room: Beverly Room

  • Come learn all about one of Michigan's own little giants!  The Great lakes Boat Building School!

2:00 - 3:00pm

Topic: Machine Shop Round Table

Presenter: Chuck Luchies

Room: DALE Room

This is an opportunity to talk and Brainstorm about Best Practices in the machine shop, share information and prints.

Topic: Wood Shop Round Table

Presenter: MITES Woodshop teachers

Room Beverly Room

  • This is an opportunity to talk and Brainstorm about Best Practices in the Wood shop, share information and prints.

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