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Tech-Tuesday - Google Sheet: How to Make a QR Code

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

QR codes are a very convenient way to create a link to information or get someone to a specific web destination. Most people using either an android or apple phone can easily get to QR code read in their phones to complete the task that you need them to. We will take a look at a quick and easy way to create a QR code in Google Sheets directly.

  1. Select the cell where you want to create your QR code and you will need to paste in the following formula, =image(""&ENCODEURL(A1)).

  2. Next in cell A1, paste in what you want to encoded into the QR code as you paste in the contents that you want encoded the QR code will automatically update.

Parts of the Formula: =image(" - This is the google API site that is used to create the QR and must be included in the link. chs=300x300 - This sets the size of the QR code for generation. This can always been resized manually after the code is generated. cht=qr - This portion of the code sets the type of QR code that you will be generating. chl="&ENCODEURL(A1) - This determines the information and location of what will be encoded into the QR code, in this example the data to be encoded is in cell A1.

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